What We Do

Repairing solid surfaces in the Greater Cincinnati area (Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana)

Crack Repairs

Whether your countertops were cracked during install or from another accident, we can repair and refinish them back to their original shine.

Countertop Scratches / Holes

Depending on depth of scratch and severity, we have multiple options for repairing your granite, marble or quartz.

Chipped Edging

If your marble, granite or quartz countertops have chips in them, we can easily repair these to an original look.

Seam Leveling

From improper installation to homes settling, countertops sometimes need to be leveled again. Depending on severity, we will either 1) level, reinforce and epoxy seam, 2) refinish seam if leveling isn’t an option, 3) sand and re-polish edge until smooth, or 4) replace bad colored glue at seams.

Sink Reattachment

Sagging or detached sinks from your countertops or vanities sometimes happen from improper installation. The sink needs to be cut loose, cleaned and reattached using proper supports. We can do the job correctly.

Add Faucet Hole

Solid Surfaces Repair can add additional holes in your countertops or vanities to accommodate new faucets, water purifiers, soap dispensers and more. It’s nice to have options.

Silicone Replacement

Has the silicone around your granite, marble or quartz countertop or vanity given up? Maybe a low grade silicone was used, or perhaps mold and mildew has started growing where the surfaces have separated from each other. We can fix that.

Sealer Treatment

We can seal your marble, granite, or quartzite countertops and vanities. An easy way to tell if your countertops are sealed is to put water on them. If the water beads up, your tops are sealed. If the water is absorbed and your stone turns a darker color, your tops are not sealed.

Dishwasher Reattach

Most dishwashers are not installed properly to your countertop. Due to the improper install, dishwashers will often separate from the tops. We can fix this issue by using the correct bracket to reinforce.

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Bring the shine back to your tops! Serving the  Greater Cincinnati area (Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana)

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About The Owner

Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is a granite specialist who established Solid Surfaces Repair, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio. With over 16 years of experience in the countertop industry, six spent as a shop foreman, Matt has hands-on experience with granite, quartz, marble, and other solid surfaces. After encountering numerous issues and recognizing the need for after-market repair and preventative maintenance, he developed the ability to provide expert countertop solutions.

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